Managing the electrical system project in a ship

Bergman Media Supply selected to improve environmental footprint in Qatar


Bergman Media Supply has been selected to pre-study for ABS Approval-in-Principal (AIP) and rig hybrid class notation HEPS for gas drilling rig.
The rig is operated by Gulf Drilling International, Qatar and owned by GDI/Seadrill.

The energy storage is significally reducing the emissions of the gas drilling operations. BMS is leading the international design team, who aims for fire-safe and simple-to-use solution, with minimum disturbances to the operations.


Bergman Media Supply services for the ship owners, ship building projects

We are providing tools and support for owners and builders in

  • Ship building projects
  • Ship concept development (specialiced in hybrid & all-electric, from small 10m to large 400m)
  • Ship modernizations / refits / emission improvements
  • Shore electric supply or shore charging projects
  • Ship modifications to shore electricity
  • Feasibility studies for new technologies
  • Harbor area development projects
  • Partner company development projects
  • Mobility and transportation concepts
  • “Practical innovation”-development concepts

We help you to be sure that technical specification focus and targets are presented correctly. You will get help to understand where competition seeks for short-cuts and which are expensive / too open remarks. All this in full confidentiality.

Further information
Heikki Bergman
+33 6 47 65 38 81

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Managing the electrical system project in a ship

Heikki Bergman

I am expert on supporting conceptual decisions and pre-design in electrical ship concepts and modernizations. I have worked in power electronics since 1994, completely in marine since 1998. I have long and practical international experience.

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