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New Blade Angle Blog opens the curtains of ships energy effiency design. It is the same future ahead of us, whether you are professional or not. Environmental and modern dive into vessel design.


When writing this, I just came back to hotel from ADIPEC exhibition in Abu Dhabi. It was a huge show, where just the numbers of the exhibition halls was so ...
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All electrical ship, generation 0.1

When making a comparison between electrical buses and electrical ships, it is clear that the bus market runs decades ahead. Like usual, marine/fluvial/inland waterways/offshore… you name the sector yourself… -market ...
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Billion dollar questions

Owner's representative, during a cruise ship project once said to me: "You may pay a billion dollars to build a ship, but that is not enough to get what you ...
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Welcome to my blog, friend!

I´m just about to start something, that is not very common in marine industry. But before I dive into the deeps of marine design, let me introduce myself and the ...
Heikki Bergman

Heikki Bergman

I am expert on supporting conceptual decisions and pre-design in electrical ship concepts and modernizations. I have worked in power electronics since 1994, completely in marine since 1998. I have long and practical international experience.