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Bergman Media Supply has published an ebook about building a hybrid or an electric ship.

The world has realised that the carbon footprint emissions, waste and human interference to natures’ stability have become heavy to carry without causing permanent damage to our planet. Initiatives are increasing rapidly to address these issues and a new industry has started to form. At the moment the marine industry is booming with electric and hybrid ship projects and there is a strong demand to find environmentally friendly solutions.
Because of this, there is also a great need for an independent guidance for ship owners and representatives to receive the right design from extensive range solutions available.

This first ebook, Building a Hybrid or an Electrical ship, is for the owners to understand the importance of the correct target settings. It explains the responsibilities within the project and new demands of building the electrical concept. The content is very specific information for professionals and there is no similar independent guidance available at the moment.

Later this year, the owner’s chapter will be followed by one for the shipyards and the last chapter is for the suppliers. There will be same guidance from three different perspectives.

Why ebook?

The ebook is not dependent on shipping circumstances and it is available for the customers immediately. It is easy to download and easy to carry with you even in challenging locations. Maritime world is widespread and the guidance is quickly available for all ship owners wherever they are.

About the author

Heikki Bergman is expert on supporting conceptual decisions and pre-design in electrical ship concepts and modernizations. He has a long and international experience in marine industry since 1998.

“I have dedicated this book to the challenge of switching from traditional marine technology to more environmentally friendly electrical systems. I would like to share my decades in frontline development experience in the marine industry to provide this useful guidance to assist this transition.”

Further information

Heikki Bergman
+33 6 47 65 38 81

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Heikki Bergman

I am expert on supporting conceptual decisions and pre-design in electrical ship concepts and modernizations. I have worked in power electronics since 1994, completely in marine since 1998. I have long and practical international experience.

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