Managing the electrical system project in a ship

New hybrid electrical ferry project


Bergman Media Supply, together with Conexnav, is selected for new hybrid electrical ferry concept development and for the assistance on project execution.

Double-ender ferry will be build on the public market for Département de Loire-Atlantique. The ferry will be operated by Bacs de la Loire in a very busy river crossing as a part of Nantes area traffic services.

Tightly but openly written emission reduction targets encourage shipyards and suppliers to propose solutions to gain maximum results in reducing local emission. This target is made possible, even ship design keeps practical and reliable operational principles in very demanding service itinerary.

Bergman Media Supply services for the ship owners, ship building projects

We are providing tools and support for owners and builders in

  • Ship building projects
  • Ship concept development (specialiced in hybrid & all-electric, from small 10m to large 400m)
  • Ship modernizations / refits / emission improvements
  • Shore electric supply or shore charging projects
  • Ship modifications to shore electricity
  • Feasibility studies for new technologies
  • Harbor area development projects
  • Partner company development projects
  • Mobility and transportation concepts
  • “Practical innovation”-development concepts

We help you to be sure that technical specification focus and targets are presented correctly. You will get help to understand where competition seeks for short-cuts and which are expensive / too open remarks. All this in full confidentiality.

We will also guide you to avoid many problematic situations, which means our input pays back immediately!

Services are available through our webshop and by email Together we will find just the right solution for you.

If you have any questions or you would like to have more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Managing the electrical system project in a ship

Heikki Bergman

I am expert on supporting conceptual decisions and pre-design in electrical ship concepts and modernizations. I have worked in power electronics since 1994, completely in marine since 1998. I have long and practical international experience.

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