Our Team & Values

Managing the electrical system project in a ship

Heikki Bergman

Technical consultant, owner

Expert on supporting conceptual decisions and pre-design in electrical ship concepts and modernizations.

In power electronics since 1994, completely in marine since 1998. Long and practical international experience.

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Tiina Kovanen-Bergman 2

Tiina Kovanen-Bergman

CEO, owner, photographer

Documentation, marketing and professional photographer.

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Our Values


We believe that trust is gained by reliability and reliability is earned by experience and professionalism. Our goal is always to provide goal-directed solutions, that make decision making easier.


We want to help our partners to achieve the best available practical solution. Our services are valuable asset that strenghtens the outcoming result. Our participation is a quarantee for innovation and state-of-the-art solution, above industrial standard.


We want to use our long and thorough experience to benefit the environment. Our decisions and solutions are strongly based on reduce emissions. What technical solution ever, our aim is to advise the environmentally efficient aspects.

Plural media : (in Science)
A substance that makes possible the transfer of energy from one location to another, especially through waves.