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PEP TALK for the electric propulsion


“ Ok, guys! I gave up and descended from my ivory tower. Back to the basics.”

Inspired by the talks that I have had during the summer, I now realize that I have been focusing on the wrong theme. I went too far, completely too far inside the ship design. For ‘John Smith’ this is too early and too much. I should let him enjoy his own project and the silent half an hour at the lake. That too, is representing the spirit that we are looking for: the readiness for a change!

I went so far, that I even named my blog according to the blade angle, which does not say anything to a regular Mr. Smith, who considers if the uncle’s boat should be converted into an electrical. My role should be to encourage and enable for doing it, not to assemble all the problems and lift them on the table for detailed analyze. That only makes the decision making more difficult, which was not my intention. Go for the electrical propulsion!

I should not speak about technical details in the smaller boat segment. Let the market mature and let the consumers learn from the mistakes we have done during the last decades. The boat building market is not the ship building market. Maybe the outcome is somewhat better and more reachable than what the industrial teams are able to produce. Go and innovate something new! We want to see it!

I understand now, that even if I am advising or not, majority will still do as they like. They have their own mind and they come from the different background. Why should they listen or understand problems of other people? But I have come to a conclusion. It is important to find out answers to the basics: how to make the electrical propulsion better than the traditional concept. Because it isn’t going to be cheaper.

And, you know what? I did it! I came out with my answer and will start a new company for that sole purpose only. To provide solutions to the market, which makes electrical boat much better than the traditional ones.

And yes, I will change the blog name. Old has to go! From now on it is going to be PEP TALK for the electrical propulsion.


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