Selection of our completed and ongoing projects.

Gulf Drilling International 2022-2023 JVR5-WEST TELESTO: ABS Approval-in-principal for energy storage solution for peak shaving
Gulf Drilling International 2022 ESS COMMON DESIGN for gas drilling rigs to be upgraded with the energy storage
Département de Loire-Atlantique 2020-2026 Technical assistance hybrid ship building project
Global propulsion system supplier 2019-2021 Technical assistance hybrid ferry modernization
Global sales organization in marine industry 2019 Battery solution trainings via Skype for Business
Mobimar 2018-2019 Design management/electrical engineering 11kV automatic shore connector unit (Product name: Mobimar Nector 11kV)
North-American end user 2018 Sea trial support for DC-power plant and propulsion tuning
North-American end user 2018 DC-propulsion modernization on-board crew training
Shipyard in Poland 2018 DC-distribution concept emergency trouble-shooting support for shipyard
Long Shore Services / Helsinki 2018 Marketing image portfolio, photographer Tiina Kovanen-Bergman
Caribbean end user 2017-2018 Design management / lead engineering for 50/60Hz shore supply to multiple piers with battery back-up