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I´m just about to start something, that is not very common in marine industry. But before I dive into the deeps of marine design, let me introduce myself and the professional backround of mine.

My name is Heikki Bergman and even though I come from Finland, I live with my family in southern France. For marine propulsion I have been ”marinated” with cylloconverters and complex short circuit calculations, reactance evaluations and Azipod® steering angle limitations.

I have been lucky to be in the positions, where ship designers and naval architects, meet the cruel world and all the diciplines of the ship building and the best combination for the vessel concept is seeked out. There you need an intergator spirit, that may combine the best out of two worlds: artistical and technical.

In the 90`s design was still a bread of special people and commissioning required strong stomach and no hurry to return home. ”My babies” from 90’s, 00’s and from 10’s are sailing in the Caspian Sea, cruising around the Caribbean and shaking and jumping in a wild cross sea of cook strait.

So, when ”times, they are a-changing” now and almost anyone can try to start complicated design tasks for efficiency and energy savings onboard, I start to feel myself owning for the industry… at least the little I have learned during my two decades involved in vessel design.

My expertize is to design main propulsion and powerplants, but also minimize the total consumption of the whole ship. This know-how we need to share for common good.

Topic is so wide that it requires few years to explain. I am ready for it, hopefully you too.

Let me know if there are some topics related to conceptual vessel design that you find particularly interesting and/or challenging. Do not hesitate to start a conversation on it.

Welcome on board!

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Heikki Bergman

I am expert on supporting conceptual decisions and pre-design in electrical ship concepts and modernizations. I have worked in power electronics since 1994, completely in marine since 1998. I have long and practical international experience.

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